The Old and New Clock Shop
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Saugerties, NY 12477
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Here are some pictures of items repaired or made at the Old and New Clock Shop
Item Description
  Here is a picture of two spring motors made in the shop.All parts made in the shop except the worm which we had made in Switzerland. The motors are reproduction for French Industrial clocks. Click to enlarge.  
  Here are the internal parts of the spring motor. Click to enlarge.  
  Mainspring barrel made in shop. The barrel arbor is the original one. Gear,barrel and cap where made in shop Click to enlarge.  
  This is an Alarm unit that was reproduced in the shop. The original unit and all levers where missing. Click to enlarge.  
  Here we have a Centerwheel and arbor. Complete part was made in the shop. Click to enlarge.  
  This is a compound gear used on the time side of a tall clock. The compound arrangement was used to also help power the chime side.We needed to remake the center pinions and axel along with both contrate and both large gears. The chain pulley is original. Click to enlarge.  
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